Class Actions

Class actions have been part of the law of Ontario since 1992, with the enactment of the Class Proceedings Act. Class actions permit many persons having the same or similar claims against a defendant or several defendants to pursue their claims through a representative party. One person, the “representative plaintiff,” brings an action on behalf of themselves and others who are in the same position in relation to the defendant.

The representative plaintiff “represents” the interests of all of the members of the plaintiff class in the lawsuit and all of the class members. Instead of many different law suits raising the same issue against a defendant over and over again, class actions allow an issue that is common to many claimants to be decided in one courtroom at one time.

Class actions are often the only effective way in which ordinary individuals can achieve compensation and justice when harmed by large and powerful corporations.

As Toronto class action lawyers some of our successes in class action proceedings include the following:
Cheung v. Kings Land Developments Inc. (Re: The World Centre), which was settled in 2004, on the eve of trial;
Lau v. Bayview Landmark, which settled in January 2007; and
Conquest Vacations – In 2007, this Class Action was brought by a large group of individuals for damages for common upsetting experience, which occurred at the end of December 2006 during a vacation arranged by Conquest Vacations.

We also have several current class actions:
Cannon v. Parklane, Funds for Canada
Salim Damji Tooth Whitening Fraud
Sondhi v. Deloitte et al.