Sondhi v. Deloitte et al. Certification and Cost Award

On March 7, 2018, Justice Perell released his reasons on costs between the Plaintiff and Deloitte arising from the certification. Perell, J. ordered Deloitte to pay costs to the Plaintiff of $353,790.88, all-inclusive. The costs are payable on April 19, 2018. A copy of Perell J’s reasons can be found below.

The Plaintiff settled costs with the Defendant Procom, agreeing to pay $60,000 for costs on the certification motion, payable within 30 days of the Plaintiff receiving the cost payment from Deloitte.

The Order arising from the certification and the cost decisions is dated March 15, 2018, and is attached below.

The next step in the litigation is for the court to determine the content, form and distribution of the notice of certification, and the opt-out deadline. Once this is determined by the court, notice of certification will be distributed.

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PDF IconCosts – Perell J’s Reasons
Justice Perell’s Order