Lau v. Bayview Landmark Legal Notice

If you were the purchaser of a condominium unit in Bayview Landmark located at the corner of Bayview Avenue and Blackmore Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, please read this notice carefully.

The Lawsuit

The project was never built and the purchasers lost their deposits. A lawsuit was commenced in the Superior Court of Justice on behalf of all purchasers of condominium units in the project.

The Settlement

By Order of Mr. Justice Colin Campbell, dated January 8th, 2007, the settlement of the class proceeding was approved. The 133 members of the Class are entitled to share in the net proceeds of settlement. The settlement proceeds available for distribution are $2,097,600.00 (this is the net amount available after payment of all legal fees and expenses). Each class member is entitled to pro-rata share based on their individual deposits.

As a member of the Class, you are entitled to share in the settlement funds

Deadline to claim monies

Class members have until June 30, 2007 to claim their portion of the settlement proceeds, failing which they will lose forever their right to claim settlement proceeds.

To claim monies please contact class counsel, Messrs. Landy Marr LLP at the address listed below

This notice is dated January 15th, 2007.

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Lau v. Bayview Landmark Legal Notice