Lau v. Bayview Landmark Newsletter 1

On the 28th day of June, 2004, Mr. Justice Cullity agreed with the submissions of
counsel Samuel S. Marr and Richard P. Quance and ordered a change in counsel
with respect to the Class action. Roger Gosbee and Perry Borden are no longer
solicitors of record.

Plaintiffs’ counsels are now moving to push the action forward as rapidly as
possible. The following steps have now been scheduled:

1) Examinations for Discovery of a representative of Living Realty are scheduled for
September 27, 2004;
2) Examinations for Discovery of Jeffrey Beber are scheduled for October 4 and 5th, 2004

We shall continue to keep you advised of further developments. Further newsletters
will be available from time to time at

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Lau v. Bayview Landmark Newsletter 1