Notice: Cheung v. Kings Land Developments Inc. Re: The World Centre Class Litigation

LANDY MARR & ASSOCIATES is class counsel for the World Centre Project Class Action. By Order of the Honourable Justice Cumming dated September 12th, 2001, the World Centre action was certified as a Class Proceeding.

By Order of Justice Cumming dated December 20th, 2001, the following case timetable was set:

1) Affidavit of Documents, shall be served by April 15th, 2002;
2) defendants’ affiants shall be examined for discovery during the period June 18th to 28th, 2002;
3) Plaintiffs shall be examined for discovery during the month of July 2002;
Notification of the Class Proceeding was published in the Sing Tao Newspaper in Hong Kong and Toronto, on December 14th, 2001.

From time to time, Landy Marr & Associates will continue to provide further information in this regard with respect to these Class Proceedings.

You may contact us either by e-mail at, or calling our offices at (416)221-9343 ext 222.

If purchasers have not yet contacted us we would ask that they complete the form provided by us.

It is important that we have the purchasers updated personal information. It is also important that if purchasers retained a lawyer at any time with respect to the World Centre Project, that they fill out the authorization and mail it to us along with the name of your lawyer. This will allow us to see the purchasers’ lawyers’ files. There may be documentation in his file that may be helpful.

In any event, purchasers should provide us with copies of all documents they have with respect to this matter, including advertisements, brochures, copies of Agreements of Purchase and Sale, cancelled cheques, and other documentation and correspondence with the developer and/or its solicitors, and/or its real estate agents.

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